About AndyBucc...


AndyBucc (Andrew Buccarelli) is a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and producer based out of South Florida. He draws on his diverse musical tastes and abilities to create original compositions ranging from reggae and Caribbean grooves to jazz and rock/alternative pieces. Active in the local South Florida music scene, AndyBucc fronts his own live project and plays drums and backing vocals in Atlanta's own Kaya's Embrace while also participating in session work. With a professional in house recording studio and producing experience, AndyBucc has embraced the DIY nature of the modern music culture.Growing up in a small seaside town on Long Island, New York, Andrew Buccarelli always had the beach on his mind and music in his soul. Infusing his love for the shore with harmonic and rhythmic island vibes, AndyBucc has established himself a proficient and impressive musician. His live shows deliver the synergy of the vibing Island sounds of bossa nova and samba with the free spirit of calypso and reggae. He is always looking for local artists to collaborate with, and he's always willing to experiment with new sounds, instruments and techniques.

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